You constantly evolve through expression & expansion. You are a caretaker of knowledge and a student of life. You stumble, you fall. You stand up, you grow. You do your deep inner work and you step forward. You are committed to leading by example and empowering your sisters. You have innate knowing that you were put here for a higher reason and you are ready to DIRECT YOUR DESTINY.
Learn practical tools to protect yourself energetically // spiritually // physically. Many physical and psychological issues have an energetic etiology and we can help you get to the source. 
Stop SEEKING and turn that process inward. So many people try to escape their daily existence through meditation and ceremony that they forget WHY they chose to be HERE. NOW.  We will help you shift from SEEKING to KNOWING. From ESCAPE to SOUL'S PURPOSE. You chose to be here, now ACT LIKE IT.
Expand your spiritual gifts // TEAM + knowledge-base in a safe environment that facilitates modern applications of spirituality to CHANGE the WORLD. You are HERE for a reason. It's time to stop HIDING and get to work. Welcome HOME. 
Spiritual Intelligence :  a modern application of active spirituality infused with science + logic 
"It's time to stop HIDING + start HELPING. When we walk in fear or hiding, we waste the gifts we were given to change the world. You're safe. You're HOME."
Bizzie Gold Co- Founder of NERIA Collective, Founder of Buti Yoga + BREAK Method
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